Branding and Public Relations

Every market has unique challenges and we have specialized in many industry

Our specialty marketing services are truly specialized for many industry. We feel that we have perfected the marketing approach in these industries, due to extensive research and hands on experience.

We truly specialize in specific areas and welcome those that fall under these categories to take advantage of our knowledge. We help many companies in Australia and we are sure we can help you too. Please call to make sure we don’t already work on a company in your specific area, because we don’t take on more than one specific type of company in the same local area.

Building upon Australia Eye Media’s core strategies for growth, Australia Eye Media Specialty Marketing Group is focused on strengthening new business development efforts, ensuring our client teams consist of the best talent to address our client’s needs, creating more career opportunities for our people, sharing expertise across management teams and better targeting internal investments.

Our company will help you promote your business and sell your products to Asian and Western customers through Wechat. Connecting Australian companies with Asian customers.

China is a complex and ever-changing market. Australia Eye Media has identified a selection of useful advertising plan to help you to attract Chinese customers in Australia local market, and enter China market.

We are united in helping today’s leading companies — and tomorrow’s — solve vexing problems and take advantage of emerging opportunities. We assemble the right expertise and then partner with our clients to surface powerful ideas and create cross-channel programs that place a premium on engagement and relationship-building.

It may be highly beneficial to employ us with marketing skills who has excellent knowledge of local market conditions and preferably speaks English. We can greatly reduce set-up costs, time taken to enter the market, look after interests on the ground and provide access to good local knowledge and contacts.

Before you enter Chinese market, We will give you useful marketing plan and advertising planning. It will help you to reduce the time, cost and risk of enter China market. And doing business with Chinese in Australia.